Software development

WPF, ASP.NET(MVC, Javascript, JQuery, Razor), WCF, ADO.NET(plain and Entity Framework), SQL Server (T-SQL), FoxPro, IdeaBlade, Telerik, ...

Any complexity of projects. MVC, MVVM, Code-behind...

  • Local network solutions
  • Simple n-tier solutions
  • Complex n-tier solutions
  • Web-based solutions

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Migration from FoxPro to Net

Real experience in implementation of FoxPro to Dot-Net migration.

Tens of miles of code rewritten from FoxPro to C# with optimization.

Extending and restyling in process of application rewriting.

No redundant questions! Code is the best documentation!

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Dataodyssey Markplex

Programs for ERP(Enterprise resource planning) data exchange with Amazon and EBay.

  • Getting orders
  • Repricing and analysis
  • Product listings
  • ...

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